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Slumped posture, as demonstrated above, is due to bones of the spine being stuck forward. This causes all of the bones above it to go forward, also. People with bad posture are slumped forward because they have no way to fix it themselves. They can hold their SHOULDERS back, and then can bend their spine backwards into extension; but they can’t straighten up their spine. That is why exercise and physical therapy can’t correct bad posture--it can only strengthen the muscles that you do have. It cannot pull bones backwards because there’s no muscle behind the spine to pull it back into place.

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This treatment uses a gentle system of leverage to allow those bones to be pulled backwards, thereby allowing the posture to "pop up" into place. You can stand up straighter without even trying. This takes lots of tension and pulling off of the nerves that are attached to every single bone and allows the body to work more normally.

Bothersome symptoms in the spine and even in the head, arms/hands and legs/feet are reduced and are less severe, if not gone, due to lessening nerve tension of bones out of place.

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